Name: Faustine Luck
Time Period: Ancient Egypt
State: Ghost
Job: Judge of Purgatory

The one tasked with ultimately deciding whether a person goes to Somberland (Heaven), or Hell.
Practically married to her job, and ruthlessly pursuing the most ethical path, she tries to give everyone a fair chance.

Likes: Coffee, her employees, the color blue, detective series, cute or relaxing videogames
Name: Pandora Candyman
Time Period: Victorian England
State: Demon
Job: Enforcer for Purgatory (Occasional Spiritual Healer)

A demon whose ability to manipulate spirits and hunt ghosts has made her the top enforcer, dragging in rogue demons and controlling hostile inmates as a de-facto bailiff.
Pandora's being a demon betrays her warm, excitable demeanor-- many wonder why she's one to begin with...

Likes: Eating sweets with tea, cute and fancy dresses, shoujo anime, historical romances, handsome men
Name: Drae Libert
Time Period: Otherworldly
State: Ghost
Job: Rules Overseer of Purgatory

Though they are from a world unlike our own, Drae has one priority: enforcing law and order. Drae makes few, if any, mistakes, and holds xer employees to the same standard.
Some say that without Drae's meticulousness, the entire office would devolve into chaos.
Others say, Drae hides a darker side...

Likes: Rules, tidiness, birds, efficiency, Oili, Faustine
Name: Oili
Time Period: Otherworldly
State: Ghost
Job: Processor at Purgatory

From the same, bizarre world Drae's from, Oili hates her job. In fact, she hates the government.
Why, then, does she work for it?
Is it only to spend more time with Drae?
Or, does she not hate order as much as she says she does?

Likes: Dancing, clubbing, contemporary art, internet videos, Drae
Name: Mahi
Time Period: Before Recording
State: Extradimensional Being
Job: Judge and Boss of Purgatory

Mahi invented the afterlife-- no one knows if she was the first to come up with the idea, or if she decided to make it based on human wishes. Her commitment to serving human morality [and mortality] is real-- even if she needs Faustine around to understand it.

Likes: Movies from the 1980s, Faustine, running the afterlife, understanding humans, junk food
Name: Paradont Valeheart
Time Period: Otherworldly
State: Ghost
Job: Intern

Faustine's best friend... who almost destroyed his own world. Look, we all have problematic friends, but isn't that taking it a bit far?! Paradont seems to feel bad about it at least, but Drae and Oili don't seem inclined to forgive him for that transgression.

Likes: Research, spending time with Faustine, debates, handsome men
Name: Ridley Montblanc
Time Period: Before Recording
State: ???
Job: None

This fellow (or at least, he identifies as one) seems really determined to destroy Pandora! Honestly, his goal is to get her fired, but he seems to take it too far.

Likes: Showing off, Faustine, attacking Pandora, Montblanc cakes

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