12.28.17 09:00 am

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Advertisement, 10.22.18 05:55 pm     Reply

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evilnidhogg, 12.28.17 11:10 pm     Reply

oh shit

CHAD (Guest), 12.29.17 02:29 am     Reply

Huh, well shit
That came out of left field

MoxMox, 12.29.17 10:15 am     Reply

How do you animate the pages ? I tried to put a gif on my comic, but it didnt move and made the colors ugly, so I switched back to the plain picture.

artificer urza, 12.30.17 09:05 am     Reply

Glowy red lights and what looks like a detonator. Oh that is not good...

threnodeath, 01.01.18 11:59 pm     Reply

@MoxMox: I use clip studio paint!

MoxMox, 01.02.18 08:52 am     Reply

@threnodeath: I meant, what format do you save them as ?

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