03.21.18 05:49 pm

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threnodeath, 03.21.18 05:49 pm     Reply

I took a small break for my mental health.... but then I realized, not drawing Comicide made me feel a lot worse, as it's the one stable thing in my life. so it's made me want to be stronger

Advertisement, 08.25.19 09:01 am     Reply

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zera304, 03.21.18 07:39 pm     Reply

Yay you're back! :D

I cant wait to see more of this part of the story

enamis, 03.21.18 09:39 pm     Reply

I know stuff usually ends up apreciated silently so I wanted to say out loud I really love this comic. Dont know why, just kinda do. Your use of color is amazing

TimeSceo, 03.21.18 11:07 pm     Reply

Ridley was a good boy

Captain Shady, 04.01.18 02:40 am     Reply

I just binged this whole thing, it's amazing! Keep up the fantastic work!

Desi (Guest), 04.14.18 02:43 pm     Reply

I love these two so much ;-;

And this conversation going on is so sweet, and it made me happy to read. >w<///

Solace1047 (Guest), 08.31.18 11:18 pm     Reply

I've always loved this comic, shared it with friends, and appreciated the world-building in a way that I rarely do. Out of it all, I hope you continue to craft this wonderful comic, and that life finds you in good spirits in the coming months, I will continue to root for you, author, and this comic! Have a great day!

Mcbroseph (Guest), 11.26.18 10:27 am     Reply

I love this comic. The story is fantastic and the style is great. I really hope this comic isn't dead. But personal wellbeing should always come first. Though I for one would love an update of some kind, be it news update on how the author is doing or a new page

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